Child Support

We will give you the relevant advice

 We will see to it that the child gets all the needs met in the right manner and ensure the responsible parties are taking responsibility as required by law.

In the USA, parents are expected to support their children whether married or divorced. However, there are some parents who choose to run away from such responsibilities, and our child support lawyers will help you in such cases. We will see to it that the child gets all the needs met in the right manner and ensure the responsible parties are taking responsibility as required by law. We will give you the relevant advice so as to ensure that you are not exploited when it comes to child support issues, as well.

Child Support

When it comes to divorce, there are so many things that can get affected, especially when it comes to children. One of the issues that the parties have to contend with is the issue of child support. In most cases, this is one of the reasons why a divorce ends up being contested. Due to the emotions that are involved, you may not be in a position to make sober decisions in regards to the children. This is why you will need to have a family lawyer to help you with the legal aspect of such matters. We are the best child support lawyers in our team and we will use our skills and experience to help you with all issues to do with child support.

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After divorce, one party may end up bearing a heavy financial burden while trying to take care of the children. This is why we want to help you give your children the life that they deserve.

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We are skilled and trained lawyers who are always ready and available to offer legal services to families. It is not our joy to see families falling apart and breaking up.

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When you need a lawyer for your legal issues, you should not trust just anyone; talk to us and we will make you understand the process and help you achieve the desired outcome.

Child Custody

When there are children involved in the divorce matters, issues of custody will arise. The law seeks to protect the interests of the child but this process is not always as easy as it appears. There will be battles to prove who is the ideal parent to live with the child and this can really create serious conflict. The best way to settle such conflicts is through legal representation and we are always ready to serve you. We will find the best ways to prevent such conflicts and, all this time we will also factor the interests of the child. You should allow an experienced attorney to help with such matters.

Child Support Attorney

You can come to our office at any time and we will schedule a meeting to discuss all the details about child support. There is a lot of paperwork and legal processes that are involved. We are fast and efficient as we will file the case for you. We can help you and your spouse to come up with an arrangement that is ideal for both of you and this will spare you the agony of going to court. Our team of lawyers will outline the parental responsibilities and we will strive to see to it that the children are taken care of in the best way possible.
When you are required to pay child support, one of the things that you may want to know is how much to pay. Legally, there are several aspects that are put into consideration so as to determine the amount of child support that you should be expected to pay. The law takes the issue of child support seriously and as such, when you fail to honor the payments, this amounts to a criminal offense. Child custody and visitation will also be considered when determining the amount of child custody in addition to the net income. The parent with child custody would be the one to receive child support.

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